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Google Tricks: 10 Best Google Gravity, Anti Gravity Google Tips

Have you heard of the new Google Gravity Tricks? Based on my research, I discovered that several people come online on Google to search  for  zero gravity tricks . So today, I will be taking you through some of the exciting tricks you can do on the Number one search Engine in the world. Google search engine.


What is Google Gravity?

For those who don’t know what   google gravity, let me define it for you in the simplest terms.  You’ve probably searched something on google and you see how the search result are arranged laterally parallel to one another, but Google gravity on the other hand allows the search results to fall down or turn upside down.  Here the result of any query you input into Google are subjected to the gravitational pull. So, they would act quite differently. It is an interesting Google trick that I think you should try out. With the Google gravity, you can also fool your friends and some family members that Google is acting weird, with Google gravity, the possibilities are endless. I first discovered Google gravity when I was searching for a Music Downloader for my android Phone


10 Best Google Gravity Tricks 2016

1. Google Zero Gravity

This is the part of  google gravity that I love the most. Here all, the search results, including images are turned upside down and the only way to reverse this turn is to type some sentence or word related to this anti gravity google .

To use this  gravity google procedure , all you need do is to click on the Link below this paragraph, on getting to the new page, you will have to input your search times into the Google Box, you might have to be patience for the search box to fully appear since its coming from the bottom of the search page. hit the enter key in the keyword search, the given search results would arrive in the reverse order and it would appear in the jumbled manner. Some of the  search results will also be seen to be bouncing randomly.



google zero gravity trick







2. Google Guitar:

For people like me that loves playing guitar,this tool actually  allows you  to on Google homepage. Here you can play several tunes online using your Keyboard.Some of the tunes available by default that you can play include  Happy Birthday, Twinkle Twinkle, Forest Gump, Harry Potter. Even if you don’t know how to play guitar, the correct alphabet for each of these tunes is clearly shown on the page, all you nned do is to retype them with your keyboard inside the search bar and you will hear them Play. This tool will only make a lot of sense when you are a fast typer and pleased don’t forget to switch on your Speaker or use an headset to hear the tune


Google Guitar


After typing the tunes and you click on Google search, the search results would get appeared upside down. For this particular Google gravity trick, visit the link below and see how well it works.




3. Google Gravity Underwater:

How cool would it be if your search result appear under the ocean with fishes and other aquatic annimals? That’s exactly what this Google Gravity underwater does. Here, your result  are shown above a beautiful background filled with different species of fishes. You will see the contents of the web pages in the floating manner along with animations in the background which would somehow display a good and interesting under water experience like how most of the anti gravity google works. If you have the fear of ocean, I don’t think you should try trick.





4. Google Space:

You probably might have heard that  Gravity is what makes objects that you throw up to come down and that What goes up doesn’t come down in the outer space. You can also depict this by using the Google Gravity .Here the contents present in the web pages would be floating.



anti gravity google space Best google space, gravity tricks

In these best google gravity tricks, when you are searching for any kind of particular keyword, then the search result would behave in the same kind of floating manner. All the contents would literally turn upside down however.



5. Google Sphere:

google sphere

We all know what spheres looks like and this particular Google Sphere trick,the search results of your query will be presented in the sphere shape. This particularly makes it hard to click on any of the result since the link associated with the result will also be presented in a funny manner. Aside that, the sphere result will keep circulating with the hovering of your mouse on it. Visit the below link to know more about this google sphere.




6. Do a Barrel Roll:

do a bareel role in google


A Barrel  is typically a 360 degrees roll, to use this trick on Google, all you need do is to go page and type the word “Do a Barrel Roll” in the search bar. When the results appear click on the first result and you see you will experience the 360 spin of your results. It really interesting. Its by far, the best Google trick that I love.




7. Google Tilt:

google tilt tricks

The trick “Tilt” shows the search results in the tilted manner. For checking this google tilt trick, all the user has to do is type the word “tilt” in Google search page and hit the enter option. All the given results would be shown and you can see that there would be quite different from the normal search engine based results.




9. Zerg Rush:

zerg rush


This is another interesting and awesome concept related to the Google Gravity, making the given search results to disappear one after the other along with the falling zeros. All you have to do is simply type the “Zerg Rush” in the given search engine page and you would easily experience the awesome trick right in the search result page. This is a kind of a game where one would have to defend himself or herself against the Zerg Rush.




10. Google Rainbow- Searches get wings here

Google gravity ,Google rainbow

Google Rainbow is another trick to get all the things even the search results appear like a rainbow. Default “search” button changes into “Rainbow search” and “I am feeling lucky” turns into “I am feeling colorful”. Searches get wings of colors here. For young surfers it’s a great amusement.


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