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Cobra Self Cocking Pistol Crossbow – Oh Really?

The Cobra Self Cocking Pistol Crossbowis a pretty sweet deal for those who want something powerful but easy to
use. The first thing that caught my eye with this product is the design which is incredibly sleek for such an inexpensive price tag. The fact that the body of the crossbow is fully made of metal is also a plus, not to mention the free 15 arrows the seller gives you upon purchase. At 80 pounds, the weight of the crossbow is really negligible, making it a great item to carry around during the hunting season. It’s even light enough that the missus has no problem using it as I am also keeping it ready for home protection. With the self-cocking feature, this product really had me sold.

Product Features

Users of the Cobra Pistol Crossbow will be enjoying different features of the product as I gladly found out. Some of those include:

  • Self cocking crossbow
  • Incredibly easy to load and set up
  • Built with high quality materials
  • Comes with free pack of 15 metal arrows.

Very Easy To Use

Aside from the great design, what really sold me to this crossbow is the fact that it self-cocks. Most products today require you to manually set the crossbow which can be tiring if not time consuming. However, the Cobra Pistol Crossbow eliminates this need and what’s more, shoots arrows at an impressively fast pace. If you shoot it in a distance of 25 feet, it can still penetrate inches deep into header lumber. For such a small thing, it really packs quite a punch. As a hunting gear, the Cobra is definitely a much more effective and reliable tool to have. The self cocking feature also makes it easier to control the launch of the arrow so that you can hit your target every time.

Incredibly Light And Looks Good

As I mentioned before, the first thing that caught me with this product is the design. Every part of the Cobra is made in metal – and not low quality metal. The parts are incredibly durable and look like they can last through long periods of time. It’s also an all-black crossbow which makes it easily blend in when you’re hunting. What I love about it though is the weight which is something you can still carry even after an hour hunting for game. Hence, the Cobra is really perfect for first time hunters who need something accurate for their first time. Of course, if you’re a seasoned hunter then I’m sure you’ll still love this product as much as I do.


Product Allows Easy Set Up

One of the benefits of getting this product is that putting it together is a breeze. It took me about an hour to set up the Cobra, but only because I had to go looking for one of the screw which I misplaced. If you’re used to assembling crossbows, the Cobra is a one-man job. However, if you’re new to this yet, I’d recommend having someone with you to go over the instructions. The set-up is pretty easy thanks to the instructions provided with the product. Unlike those $300 crossbows which could literally take hours, the Cobra is actually easy to handle while still boasting an excellent design. This is actually a good thing for beginners especially since you need to keep the crossbow at top shape at all times. Hence, you need something that’s easy to dismantle and build up again – something like the Cobra.

Product Is Durable

For a crossbow that’s under a hundred dollars, I was pretty impressed with the materials used for the item. Sure, it’s small and that may account for the cheap price, but the quality of the materials are still stellar. Although I haven’t owned my Cobra Crossbow for a long time yet, the product does show promise of lasting for a very long time. Of course, you’ll need to make sure that routine maintenance is done. However, if you manage to do that, the Cobra will certainly serve more years that you expected.
Disadvantages Of The Product

My only problem with the product at first is the trigger. It’s not as soft as my other crossbows so I have to squeeze a little tighter before the arrow is released. Overtime though, I easily got used to the heavy weight needed to launch the crossbow so problems were easily covered.

Concluding This Review

So to wrap it up, how exactly does the Cobra Crossbow perform as a self-cocking crossbow? Compared to some of its contemporaries, the Cobra performs wonderfully well and manages to launch a powerful arrow each time. Like I said, I was really impressed at how deep it can go – even when aimed at more than 30 feet. The fact that it’s small and self-cocks means that girls would have no problem carrying this one around with them, even while trekking through the forest. If you’re a hunting enthusiast who wants something light and could improve your accuracy, this is the one for you. Even beginners will find it fun to cut their teeth using the Cobra. If this doesn’t tickle your fancy, you could go ahead to read more crossbow reviews via that link.

Of course, those who aren’t into the sports could use this as their weapon of choice for home defense. It doesn’t really matter since the Cobra Self Cocking Pistol Crossbow is easy enough to use within any situation.

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