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What To Do After An Auto Accident

If you are driving and have an auto accident, the damages to your car might just be the start of your problems. Frequently, injuries are not identified until sometime after the accident. What might seem like a minor bump can become a serious personal injury.  Highlighted below are necessary tips to take in case you get involved in any auto accident.

What to do after an auto accident

 Stop your car and be careful:

Unfortunately, some people panic in the face of an auto accident and don’t stop. Don’t make this major legal mistake. STOP IMMEDIATELY then call an auto accident lawyer who will advise you.

Avoid pedestrian injuries:

Be very careful, interstate and other high-speed highways create a very high risk or additional accidents and injuries. When walking at the accident scene, stay alert and look out for other vehicles. People are often very upset and distracted when an accident occurs. Stay off the road and away from other cars. If there are children, get them out of danger.

Get emergency assistance:

Call for help. Cellular phones and CB radios are common in cars and trucks. Police usually monitor CB Channel 9 and Cellular 911, or on the interstate, consider using cellular #77 to reach the Virginia State Police. Be prepared to provide the milepost markers or street names and building numbers as well as cross streets.

Avoid risking further auto crashes:

Generally, you should leave your car when it stops, as this will allow the investigating officer to better understand and report how the accident occurred. USE COMMON SENSE: If leaving the car where it stops creates a risk of other cars hitting it or each other, then drive the car off the road to avoid additional accidents.

Cooperate and exchange information:

Avoid arguing with the other driver. Make record of the accident location, time and date, circumstances, weather conditions and any other factors that might be important. This will also help in case you are calling for an auto accident lawyer.

Auto Accident

Police Investigation and Report:

Cooperate with the police officer. If you think that any injuries may have occurred OR if you are concerned about being accused of being responsible for the accident, ensure that you call a reputable auto accident lawyer!

Cooperate, do not admit responsibility

Now,  Immediately after you have provided for safety and called for any needed police and medical help….

If you are ticketed:

If you are ticketed with a charge such as: D.U.I., Or reckless driving, this may be used in an attempt to show that you caused the accident. If there was a property damage or personal injuries then your problems will become much larger than if you were ticketed without an accident. Call us immediately.

If you might be injured:

Seek a medical examination at a nearby hospital emergency department. Frequently, persons in auto accidents have a “shock” reaction, which prevent them from initially realizing that they are injured.

Notify your insurer:

Follow the procedures of your insurance company for the reporting of a claim. If you have a local insurance agent, please notify your agent.


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